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    Wine Glass: Dragon
    This heavy weight pewter wine glass displays twin western style dragons circling the bowl, belching flame onto the stem of the glass. This glass is 8 1/2" tall and holds approximately 10 ounces.

    Inverted Pentagram Silver Plated Chalice
    Inverted pentagram engraved on silver plated chalice 8" high.......$20.95

    Chalice Silver Plated 8 inch Chalice Silver Plated 8 inch
    Plain, silver plated chalice for all your ritual needs. Stands 8" high.....$23.95
    Necropilites Chalice Necropilites Chalice
    Necro Chalice: From the mortal remains of the dead in sacred honor of the Necropilities. Hand painted cold cast resin base of bones and skulls support the red glass chalice bowl. 9" tall.....$38.95
    Baphomet Pentagram Box Baphomet Pentagram Box
    Baphomet Pentagram felt lined box is approx 5 1/2" at widest point. With fine detailing along outside of box including dragon eyes, bones and fireplaces. A perfect hiding place for your items. Inside dia approx 4" x 1 deep.....$22.95
    Skeleton Box Skeleton Box
    Skeleton jewelry or stash box. Hand painted cold cast resin is approx 8 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide box. Skeleton remains holding a cross on lid, finely detailed box with knotwork designs around base.....$31.95
    Black Marble Mortar and Pestle Black Marble Mortar and Pestle
    A beautiful addition to your herbal tools. Grooved for easier grinding. Marbling varies in color from light grey to black. 4" high by 4" wide.....$28.95
    Athame with Black Steel Handle Ritual Knife with Black Steel Handle
    Stainless steel Ritual Knife with steel handle.. Approx 8 3/4 total length, with weighted handle and double edged blade. Includes leather sheeth, with belt clip. NOT FOR SALE IN MASSACHUSETTS.....$33.95
    Athame Seal of Solomon Ritual Knife Seal of Solomon
    Ritual Knife has black rubber grip handle with silver gray trim. Seal of Solomon on hilt of blade. Blade is double edged. 6" in length overall length is 9". Comes with black knife sheath. NOT FOR SALE IN MASSACHUSETTS.....$34.95
    Pentacle Silver 6 inch Pentacle Silver 6 inch
    Silvertone pentacle altar piece with cut out design. Can also be used as a trivet or hung as a wall decoration. Approximately 6" dia.....$35.95
    Pentacle Silver 3 inch Pentacle Silver 3"
    Silvertone pentacle altar piece with cut out design. Use as a trivet, coaster or hang as a wall decoration. Approx. 3" dia.....$14.95
    Pentagram Stone Box Pentagram Stone Box
    These beautiful handcrafted boxes can hold any of your treasures. 3 1/2" in dia. 1 1/2" in height beautiful black polished stone with gold pentagram on cover....$15.95
    Bag, Celtic Inverted Pentacle
    Large shoulder or tote bag made of 100% cotton. Features Celtic knot-work designs & an inverted pentacle on both sides. Ample room to carry all your necessities. Colors may vary. Bag size approx. 16" x 16", with shoulder straps extending about 13". .......$7.95

    Holy Water HOLY WATER
    Water blessed by Roman Catholic Priests. Used to expel evil spirits, demons, etc. as seen on the Exorcist 4oz.....$4.95

    Coffin Nails
    Gain potency when coffin nails are used in place of a new nail or pin for spells and rituals .....$2.95/set of three

    Graveyard Dirt
    To aid in spellwork

    3 inch cloth doll.....$6.95

    Stick Incense Controlling
    To insure power over another.
    ......$1.95 each

    Lighting Sticks
    Preferable to matches for ritual for reach and wont' leave sulfer scent.
    12" long, round wooden sticks......$0.20 each

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