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    Speak of the Devil Video DVD: Speak of the Devil by LaVey, Anton
    The Legacy, Music, Loves, Rituals, Careers and Philosophies of Anton Szandor LaVey. This video explores dozens of myths and misconceptions about Satanism and its 'Black Pope.' In this, his first feature-length documentary in over twenty years, LaVey offers a rare glimpse into his private world and shares remembrances of his many fascinating careers including Lion Tamer, Theatre Organist, Crime Photographer, and Psychic Investigator. Color/B&W, 89 minutes. .....$21.95    

    CD: Satanic Mass by LaVey, Anton
    For the first time in history, here is a recording of an authentic Satanic Mass, recorded live at the Church of Satan. It remains the standard by which magical rituals may be judged. 12 tracks plus the bonus track, Hymn of the Satanic Empire. .....$22.00    

    CD: Satan Takes a Holiday by LaVey, Anton
    Even the Devil needs a little revitalizing recreation now & then. LaVey here applies his kaleidoscopic vision to conjure forth occult musical treasures, using modern synthesizer technology. 18 lustily interpreted tracks. . .....$22.00    

    Satan Speaks! SATAN SPEAKS!
    Satan Speaks! reflects a lifetime of underground wisdom and mordant humor. Founder of The Church of Satan, LaVey has been widely pegged as the wickedest man in the world. But, as LaVey wrote: "Satan demands a much harder task than signing over your soul in blood. He demands that you live your life as fully as you can, prosper by your own wits and avoid misery. You wouldn't believe what a tall order that is for most people." Introduction by Marilyn Manson.
    Paperback 220 pages .....$13.00   

    Satanic Bible SATANIC BIBLE - LaVey, Anton
    Here it is - one of the most notorious books of the 20th century. The Satanic Bible lays down the philosophy of Satanism in black and white. If you are in the least bit interested in contemporary Satanism you must have this book!
    Paperback 272 pages.....$7.99    

    Satanic Rituals SATANIC RITUALS - LaVey, Anton
    The companion book to the Satanic Bible. Learn how to perform The Black Mass, The Call to Cthulhu, Satanic Baptisms and much more.
    Paperback 230 pages.....$7.99    

    CD: United Satanic Apache Front - Re. Leyba
    Music crafted by John Dunlap, M 5tevens and Anal Pow Wow for Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba, Reverend of the Church of Satan and the founder of the United Satanic Apache Front. Experimental Music and Spoken Word.

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