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    Devil-Worship in France by Waite, A E
    Rather that being an infernal how-to-book or even a history of what the title purports, Devil-Worship in France is in fact an examination of a most sensational hoax perpetrated by Parisian journalist Leo Taxil. Takil and his wholly fictitious associate, Diana Vaughan, created a scandal in the late 1800s by reporting on a most heinous occult sect, the Palladian Masons, who admitted women and performed diabolic acts of Luciferan Spiritism. Taxil`s revelation of this secret society and its supposed links to Freemasonry and other occult organizations created a public hysteria and outcry against all things occult, especially secret society`s, fostering a fear and misunderstanding of such orders that continues today. This republication of this rate Waite book includes a previously unpublished sequel, Diana Vaughan and the Question of Modern Palladism. In this he recounts the sordid affair in a less satirical more straight forward manner, with the benefit of hindsight after the sensationalistic uproar had died down. Here in this combined edition is the whole story behind the hoax that slandered occult communities throughout Europe in the late 1800s, the echoes of which can still be felt today. Noted esoteric scholar and author R. A. Gilbert provides an introduction that places the book in historical and contemporary context. hardcover 305 pgs......$50.00

    Black Pullet, Science of Magical Talisman
    Of dubious origin and with no claim to antiquity other than purporting to incorporate the wisdom of the past, this famous book of Black Magic first surfaced at the end of the 18th century. With no traceable history The Black Pullet remains the most outstanding of these works. The anonymous author disavows any connection to Black Magic, yet details the construction of a series of talismanic rings and their uses in magical practice. The various talismans assure the individual the use of unique powers such as proficiency in all spoken languages, the power to discover hidden secrets, and invisibility. 80 pgs.

    Sophia Bestiae � The Wisdom of The Beast - by Edward O�Toole
    Indexed for ease of use and quick reference, the Sophia Bestiae is an excellent reference guide for both beginners in religious studies and advanced. For anyone who has ever noticed the contradictory behaviour of God, or has ever called their Faith into doubt, then the Sophia Bestiae will explain why. After reading the Sophia Bestiae you will be in no doubt whatsoever as to the Secret Nature of God - and why He is planning Armageddon.
    Paperback .....$19.95

    The powers and uses of talismans, amulets, seals, magical figures from antiquity to present times.
    Paperback 40 pages .....$5.95

    Complete book of Voodoo by Pelton, Robert Complete book of Voodoo by Pelton, Robert
    Here is the definitive work on the history, ritual and powers of the ancient art of Voodoo from the earliest times to the present, offering complete details on the closely-kept secrets of man`s most exotic and powerful form of magic. The author has stripped the shroud of secrecy that has always surrounded Voodoo to present detailed instructions on everything from making voodoo dolls to casting hexes. Also included is an engrossing history of the art with portraits of notorious practitioners. Paperback, 254 pgs....$16.95
    Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets by Riva, Anna
    This small concise volume includes information on Black magic, Serpent worship, Ceremonial rites, Spells, possession, unhexing, and White magic among many other things. The book also teaches you how to use herbs, roots, oils, powers, stones and many other items commonly used in the Voodoo tradition. Paperback, 48 pages.....$5.95
    How to make others obey your commands. Take command. Be the dominant figure in every group. That is your goal. This book will guide you to success. Anna Riva is an authority with an international reputation. She has the knowledge to direct your efforts, and to aid you in becoming the powerful figure that matches your ability. You can expect to learn much from this book. You must make a commitment to make things happen in your life.
    Paperback 31 pages.....$5.95   

    Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia: A complete Guide to Cabalistic Magick
    One of the most valuable books on the Cabala has a new format which incorporates hundreds of new entries into one comprehensive dictionary. The attributes and association of each demon, angel, power, name of God, Sephiroth, Path, and Plane of the Tree of Life is fully described and cross-indexed.
    Godwin, David 832 pp., illustrated, Price - $34.95

    Goetia GOETIA: LESSER KEY OF SOLOMON - Liddell/Mathers
    Since classical Greece, Goetia has meant `low` magic as distinct from the high magic of theurgy. It is `applied` rather than `pure` magic, addressing practical human concerns - from obtaining advancement and wealth to finding love and knowledge. Written in the English vernacular rather than the Latin of the scholars, further evidence of the popular character of this grimoire. Paperback, 134 pgs. Illustrated, with some fine-art nudity......$17.95

    Golden Secrets of mystic oils GOLDEN SECRETS OF MYSTIC OILS - Riva, AnnaIn this A to Z list you will find over 550 of the most popular oils which are widely available from occult supply houses. Certainly if you read through the various uses for these oils, you will find one or more which is formulated to help you solve the problem, do the job, or assist you with the situation you are facing. Paperback, 174 pages.....$7.95

    Grimoire of Armadel GRIMOIRE OF ARMADEL - MacGregor, S.L.
    This is one of the original do-it-yourself books on ceremonial magic! This edition was translated by Mathers from a 17th century manuscript kept at the Bibliothque d Arsenal in Paris. The Grimoire contains detailed descriptions of the natures and offices of the various evil spirits. The sigils -- seals giving power over demons -- related to the various spirits are reproduced together with their practical uses, according to the particular aspect of the astral world that the reader wants to investigate. With more than forty spells, plus detailed diagrams and conjuring charts -- all are reproduced here following the method of the original French manuscript. Paperback, 79 pages. .....$14.95

    How to Conduct a Seance HOW TO CONDUCT A SEANCE - Riva, Anna
    The seance, or sitting, offers the opportunity to establish a bridge and a relationship with the departed spirits in another sphere. Information in this publication is based on theory and opinion; some of it is extremely controversial. The intent of the publisher is not to validate either side of the issue. But to relate interesting answers to the question: Is death only the beginning?
    Paperback 19 pages.....$2.95   

    Key of Solomon KEY OF SOLOMON THE KING - Mathers, S.L. MacGregor
    The Key of Solomon is the most famous, or infamous, of magical textbooks. Although the grimoire is of unknown origin, Mathers, who prepared this edition from seven manuscripts in the British Museum, believed it was written by King Solomon. The King instructs his disciples in incantations that summon and master the spirits. The process of summoning these beings illustrates the extraordinary complexity of Western ritual magic - choosing a time and place; preliminary prayers; fasting and preparations; as well as the need for magical equipment, robes, and trappings. Included in this edition is a new foreword by R.A. Gilbert, esoteric scholar and antiquarian bookseller. Gilbert highlights the importance of the Key as a primary source for those interested in Western ritual magic, as well as the historical background and contemporary magical contexts of Mather`s editorial work and commentary. Paperback, 127 pages.....$16.95   

    Magician's Workbook THE MAGICIAN'S WORKBOOK - Savedow, Steve
    A Modern Grimoire -- At last, the definitive beginner's book of ritual magic and astral projection. Steve Savedow has studied the works of Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, S.L. MacGregor-Mathers and other influential teachers in the field. In The Magician's Workbook, he brings together the essential themes of classic occult literature to provide new students with step-by-step, practical guidance for developing a magical life. Savedow explains the principles of magic and covers important topics such as meditation, astral projection, Qabalah, tarot, words of power, the assumption of God-forms, yoga and more. Details are included for performing four banishing rituals, four planetary invocations, a daily Eucharist ritual, and rituals for constructing and charging talismans.
    Paperback 270 pages.....$14.95   

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