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    Magazine: Black Flame #16
    The Black Flame International Forum Of The Church Of Satan Music and Art Interview Issue Including Interviews with : Jimmy Vargas, David E. Williams, Peter Mlakar Steven Johson Leyba, Trevor Brown, William Blake, Giosue Carducci, Aristotle. Humor: Benny Hill, Science of Insulting, Practical Jokes. and much much more. 64 pages.

    Not Like Most V9 Magazine: NOT LIKE MOST V9
    An exclusive interview with horror fiction writer and Vermont occult chronicler, Joseph A. Citro, commentary on the Littleton shootings, Satanic quotes from comedic genius, George Carlin, essays on Y2K (two of them, actually), The Enlightenment period and Satanic philosophy, Satanism Online, the dissolution of gods, reworking the Eliphas Levi "Goat of Mendes," the not-always-necessity of curses, and other fine works, "Superhighway to Hell" - our Satanic Internet review column, "On The Infernal Front" - column on Satanic news and related disclosures, reviews of audio, video, and print media of interest to Satanists and other unconventional folk, plus the usual assortment of ads for Satanic, underground, and thought-provoking products.

    Not Like Most V8 Magazine: NOT LIKE MOST V8
    Herein will be an interview with the man behind the Maninblack Grotto, Rev. Andre Schlesinger; plus articles and essays on Blood Axis versus the censors, Satanic witchhunt in the Netherlands, Satanic Atheism, revisiting "Rosemary's Baby," God-debunking, Armageddon, and much more including the usual reviews of Satanic mags, websites, music and other media, Satanic news, fiction, and the list goes on.

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