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    Skeleton Candle Holder Skeleton Candle Holder
    Skeleton hanging candle holder: Spectral Lights - Candle Sconce, Seen Hovering over the holy well of the haunted Bisham Abbey, Ancient Santuary of the Knights Templar. Approx 14 inches tall.....$48.95
    Permaneo Vetem Candle Holder Permaneo Vetem Candle Holder
    Hand painted cold-cast resin candle holder. Finely detailed depiction of "the last prayer" for the mercy of those mere mortals. Approx 4" tall.....$16.95
    Female - 7 inches tall.....$4.50

    Male - 7 inches tall.....$4.50

    Death Candle Death Candle 8"
    Used in acient times the Holy Death is one of our most powerful and well used icons. With this image candle you will be able to do rituals that relate to love, money, crossing, and uncrossing. Approx 8" tall by 2" at widest point.....$6.95
    Taper 8" Black Pair Taper 8" Pair
    Eight Inchs long hand-dipped, solid color tapers in a rainbow of stunning colors. Candles have fluted ends to improve seating in candle holders. Strung on the same wick. Made the old fashioned way. High quality wax, long burning and dripless.....$4.50
    Pillar 9"x 1.5" Red/Black Double Action Candle
    Pillar 9" x 1.5" Red/ Black Double Action Candle Attract Love and affection, Repel the dark influences......$5.95

    9 inches x 1 1/2 inches.....$4.95

    Skull Candles...
    3.5" Skull represents all enduring & immortal aspects of life.
    Price $10.95


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