Who is a Satanist?

by David R Ondrejko aka VonDraco

Who is a Satanist? Quick answer: I am.

I am me; nobody else is. I can call myself a Satanist. I can call myself a Buddhist. I even reserve the right to call myself a plate of fruit salad if I so desire. You can agree with, disagree with, laugh at, applaud, worship or ridicule me. The one thing you can not do is argue with me. You can argue at me, but I refuse to be led into any sort of discussion on the topic.

The fact that I am a Satanist is an axiom. It is not subject to debate, proof or criticism. You either accept it, or you reject it. It's that simple.

As the axiomatic Satanist, my religious beliefs and disbeliefs constitute Satanism. This is not open to debate either. Similarly, I can decide to accept or reject you as a Satanist. There is no court of appeal, no higher authority; you have no recourse.

I refuse to subject myself to another's definitions. I will choose whatever label I want to with which to identify myself. I will tell you what that label means when I use it. You, and others, may have other definitions for that label. That is not my problem.

I do not insist that you adopt my labels as your own, nor that you associate my meanings with them. Neither will I consent to having your labels and meanings imposed upon me. Unless our labels and meanings overlap to some degree, communication will become not only impossible and frustrating, but distasteful and undersirable as well.

I am a Satanist. I define Satanism. I decide who is or is not a Satanist. This may be egotistical; this may even be megalomaniacal. It is most certainly the truth.

No pretense will be made at apologizing for offending you. If you are offended by what I say, then what I say is meant to offend you. I have no patience with sycophants or dabblers. There is no room in my universe for endless debate or pointless politeness. There is only room for work, for effort, and for results.

Hear the Word of Satan.