What is Satanism?

by Don David Scott

Satanism is a religion of the flesh. Happiness, to the Satanist, must be found here and now. No heaven exists to go to after death and no Hell of burning punishment awaits the "sinner". We are a practical people. Denying things that cannot be proved by the scientific method or feasted on by our senses, we revel in our time on earth without fearing the punishment of the "Unseen" or the condemnation of the common man.

Satanists equate faith with blind belief. Blindly accepting a thing without proof is folly.

"Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power." ------Eric Hoffer (1902-83), American Philosopher and Longshoreman.

Strongly attached to our family and close associations, we make excellent friends. Strongly opposed to those who have endeavored to make our lives miserable or cause harm to our family and friends, we are lasting and vindictive enemies. Satanists do not believe that you can love everyone and treat every person the same. By failing to hate you make yourself unable to love. Feared by their enemies and loved by their friends, Satanists build their stronghold in the community.

"To have friends, you know, one need only be good-natured; but when a man has no enemy left there must be something mean about him." ----Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), playwright.

The venting of emotion, controlled and with purpose, maintains our strength of purpose and our stamina. Man needs ritual and ceremony as much as he needs to vent his anger and frustration. Satanic ritual serves both purposes. Hate and lust can be all consuming, when the flames of passion grow too tall we don our robes and enter into a world apart. When we leave the ritual chamber, we leave the flames of passion there, in the shadows, in Satan's Realm. Our fervent desires thus relieved, we go on our way in the world. We leave our passion behind. A purpose with a vengance. Who is to say what creature of the night we thus spawn?

"Where there is no belief, there is no blasphemy." Salman Rushdie (b. 1948), Indian-born British author. The Satanic Verses, �Return to Jahilia� (1988).