Top ten reasons it's cool to be a satanist...

10. Charles Manson Faith conferences

9. Watching other satanists get confused when they try to invert a Star of David

8. They know what's going to happen to OJ.

7. The Satanic Bible can be purchased on audio cassette now.

6. Always gets first dibs on Brimstone for their bar-b-q's

5. New vibrating mattress installed in all ritual sex coffins.

4. Special "900" number phone line..."Dial a Temptation"

3. Royalty payments from Betty Crocker for use of the word "Devil's Food"

2. Slim Whitman radio..all day..all night

And the number 1 reason it's cool to be a satanist....

1. When you tell someone to go to's a good thing

NOTE: This was a bit of comedy... Not to be taken seriously.. So relax and
enjoy a bit of humor.. So if you even think of flaming me for this then you
are truly ignorant and don't get the joke...
ps. even the devil enjoys a good joke once in a while.... >=)


James Jelinek
[email protected]