Physis - An Introduction

by The Physis Fraternity

I. The Genesis of Physis

It is important to understand that a genuine Martial Art exists to train warriors, and that real or genuine warriors actually fight, in the real world, and live each day of their lives prepared to die, if necessary. Furthermore, a genuine Martial Art is based on a specific and unique ethos, and this ethos, or spirit, on which such an Art is based derives from the folk-communities which give rise to that Art. That is, a genuine Martial Art does not exist in isolation, as a set of abstract fighting techniques or whatever, but is rooted and can only live in a particular soil, or folk. Furthermore, it enshrines the Destiny of that folk - it embodies what makes that folk unique, and thus can provide health, strength and vitality for members of that folk. In essence, it connects them to their own unique racial ethos. A genuine Martial Art aims to train warriors in a practical way and help them fight for a particular Destiny. Taken from this context, and abstracted as a set of techniques, with 'grades' and 'official' instructors appointed by some self-created official organization, the Art loses its numinosity, and becomes just another sport - just another part of 'global consumer culture'. Such a sport is ultimately meaningless, and essentially decadent - that is, it expresses a lack of personal excellence. Real personal excellence - a striving to evolve further and achieve great things - requires commitment to ethos and Destiny.

Real Masters of Eastern Martial Arts understand this, and seldom agree to teach their Art to someone from outside their own folk. It can be done, and has been done, but it does involve those outsiders living among that folk, and accepting the ethos of that folk. Thus, the Japanese way of the Sword (from which modern Kendo derives) expresses the ethos of Japan, as it should be used to aid or bring about the Destiny of Japan. That is, this Way expresses Shinto and Bushido - it means a warrior training to achieve skill and using that skill to express Shinto and Bushido. A true Samurai was much more than simply someone who accepted a certain 'warrior code' - he strove to live and die in a uniquely Japanese way, and thus by his life and death was expressing the essence of Shinto and Bushido. But more importantly, he could go further, and seek to aid the Destiny of Japan and thus give his life in the service of that Destiny, since this Destiny expresses the ultimate purpose of Shinto and Bushido. In one sense, this unique Japanese Destiny was to create, and maintain, the type of society that existed in the Tokugawa period - and here the aim of the warrior was a perfected behaviour which could ensure victory in combat. Hence the loyalty of the warrior to clans and their 'war-lords'. But in a higher sense, the Destiny meant and means an Empire, and in this sense Imperial Japan of the present century embodied this Destiny. [ Thus the warriors who trained and fought for this Imperial Destiny were also true Samurai.] However, this Destiny is as yet unfulfilled. Thus a genuine Japanese Martial Art exists today to train warriors who strive to create or aid this Destiny - something few Europeans would wish to do, or even could do. Without this unique ethos, without this striving for a unique Destiny, there is no Martial Art.

Essentially, Physis is a modern creation, founded by practical fighters, which seeks to explicate and express the genuine ethos of our European civilization. Thus it is a European Martial Art which seeks to train real warriors to fight in a practical way, and guide them toward their own ethos so that they can aid the Destiny of the 'West'.

The genuine ethos of our European, or Aryan, civilization is enshrined in that numinous philosophy known as National-Socialism, and the real "Destiny of the West" is the creation of an entirely new way of living based on Aryan foundations, this new way of living in time giving rise to a National-Socialist (and Galactic) Empire or Imperium. Further, this European ethos is fundamentally 'pagan'; it is an understanding (often only instinctively) of how we as individuals are balanced between our folk, or race, and Nature. However, this paganism is not something mystical or pseudo-romantic. Rather, it is a healthy, natural, instinctive feeling which can be made conscious by actually living once again in a real pagan way. This simply means living as a National-Socialist warrior striving to aid National-Socialism. Everything else then arises quite naturally and instinctively from this dedication and from this daily, warrior, commitment to aid such a Cause.

Thus, Physis is not based on other Arts, as it does not try and pretend to be anything other than it is - a practical creation of our time to express our Aryan folk-ethos, train warriors, and aid the achievement of our unique Aryan Destiny. This is how all ancient Martial Arts began, of course - practical answers to a practical need, based on folk traditions and beliefs, and expressing a unique spirituality. Our own unique spirituality is enshrined in 'esoteric Hitlerism'; that is, in the numinous, Aryan, philosophy of National- Socialism. Because of the numinosity of National-Socialism, this spirituality is alive; it expresses something living - and thus can give individuals health and vitality, enabling them to live their lives in a more positive, dynamic and spiritual way.

II. The Physis Fraternity

The Physis Fraternity is an order of men organized for the spiritual purpose of studying, and training in, the Martial Art of Physis. The Physis Fraternity is not a political order, association, party or group, and the study and training which individual members of the Physis Fraternity undertake is for the purpose of their own individual guidance and development.

The Martial Art of Physis expresses the unique ethos of those of Aryan or European race, and as such it is a part of, and expresses, our unique European culture and spirituality. This ethos is fundamentally pagan, as it is founded in the spiritual and cultural aspirations of European warriors. As such, Physis is the Way of the Aryan Warrior.

The primary purpose of the Martial Art of Physis is to guide suitable Aryans toward an inner transformation. Thus involves them in re-discovering their Aryan spirituality, and warrior heritage, and from this they can achieve that inner harmony and balance which is essential to individual health and well-being. In essence, Physis re-connects individuals to their unique racial psyche and reveals to them what their unique Destiny as Aryans is.

For the next millennium, the Destiny of the Aryan warrior is to fight for and aid that which expresses in a practical way the unique Aryan ethos. This practical expression of Aryan spirituality is esoteric Hitlerism, or National-Socialism as it is more commonly known. Fundamentally, National-Socialism is not political, just as it is not concerned with petty politics. Rather, it is a revolutionary Weltanschauung, or 'philosophy of living' - concerned with the spiritual welfare and physical health of all Aryans. The fundamental aim of National-Socialism is to create an entirely new type of society which will enable Aryans to live healthy and spiritual lives, and begin to change themselves into something better, something more evolved. In a profound way, National-Socialism is a modern religious movement which expresses the real and unique spirituality of the Aryan. As such, National-Socialism is above and beyond politics.

In essence, National-Socialism seeks to create a new type of individual - a new race of beings. To achieve this, individuals have to become balanced within themselves. They have to achieve an inner transformation. They also have to become motivated by idealism, and thus develope a noble character, placing the welfare of others before their own self-interest. This inner transformation requires an understanding and acceptance of the unique r“le of Adolf Hitler and his sacred mission. His r“le was to lead his Aryan people toward freedom and show them the way to a new Golden Age. He was an instrument of Fate, of Providence - a prophet sent to reveal to us our unique Destiny as Aryans, and to show us how we could achieve this Destiny. This Destiny is fundamentally to continue our evolution as a race - to evolve into higher, more noble, beings, thus fulfilling the purpose of our lives here on Earth.

Physis is part of this spiritual National-Socialist mission since it is a means whereby suitable Aryan individuals can re-discover their unique spirituality, and so complete an inner transformation. Thus it enables them to live as wise, more highly evolved individuals. These 'suitable Aryan individuals' which the Physis Fraternity seeks to recruit, guide and train, are those who by nature and instinct are warriors. Physis is thus a means whereby these individuals can re-discover the Destiny they have lost.

[Further reading: (1) The Enlightenment of National-Socialism; (2) The Numinosity of National-Socialism.]

III. Physis - An Aryan Martial Art

Physis is a Martial Art designed for, and applicable to, those of Aryan race. The purpose of Physis is: (1) to train Aryan individuals in practical fighting techniques relevant to the conditions such individuals are likely to encounter; (2) to make individuals aware of the Aryan warrior ethos, so encouraging them and enabling them to live as Aryan warriors; (3) to encourage the individuals so trained to fight for the unique Aryan Destiny.

Physis is fundamentally a practical expression of the Aryan, warrior, ethos, and this ethos is enshrined in the Weltanshcauung, or philosophy, of the National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler. Physis and National-Socialism are inseparable. Physis only exists as a Martial Art to train warriors to fight for, and implement in a practical way, National-Socialism. As such, Physis is a genuine Martial Art and thus not a subject to be studied out of curiosity or in an 'intellectual' way. Neither does it teach nor require any form of 'mysticism'. Rather, it involves a personal commitment to the Aryan ethos, and requires those who study it to live as real warriors who use what they learn in the service of a Cause to which they swear an oath.

All Physis training takes places 'outdoors', in the type of clothes an individual would normally wear, thus enabling that individual to fight in an effective way, in an 'everyday' situation, should it be necessary.

The main weapons taught are those likely to be most encountered and/or used, such as knife and short stave. Defence against opponents armed with handguns is also taught.

No set or specific 'stances' or anything similar are taught because one specific aim of the training is to develope within the individual a spontaneous, intuitive, awareness enabling them to fight 'without thought' in an effective and devastating way. The physical training of Physis is geared toward developing this awareness - and spontaneous, effective, reaction - by exercises designed primarily to develope co- ordination, agility, stamina, strength, determination and awareness. There is nothing mystical involved in this training - no mysterious, unprovable forces or energies; no 'secret knowledge', and no 'ancient wisdom' handed down by 'masters'. Physis involves only: (a) practical effective techniques designed to train the body and mind of the individual in certain ways; and (b) and understanding of and participation in the natural and pagan ethos (or 'religious attitude') of the European.


Code of Conduct:

     (1) Recruits must strive to live like noble Aryan warriors; 

     (2) Recruits must take pride in their personal appearance; 

     (3) Recruits must champion Aryan culture and Aryan values; 

     (4) Recruits must strive to act honourably and in an Aryan way.

The Aryan Warrior Code:

     1) We must be prepared, at all times, to face imprisonment and/or death, 

	living each day as if it were our last.

     2) We must be loyal to the Cause we have chosen, and the Comrades we have

	 chosen, unto death.

     3) We must have few possessions, and of those which we do have value only

	 what can enable us to survive, defend ourselves and/or defeat/kill our


     4) We must have no personal ties which can hinder us, and if we do have 

	personal ties, we must at all times be prepared to place our Cause and

	our Comrades before them.

     5) We must make our real home, where our hearts belong, among our 

	Comrades, in barracks, and on the battlefields.

     6)  We must be prepared to die - if necessary by our own hands - rather 

	than be dishonoured or submit.


IV. Physis Fitness Training

1) Stamina and General Training. Specific Aims 

     Each recruit (under the age of 40 years) must achieve specific aims as 


     a) route marches [ 30 miles in under 7 hrs. carrying 30lb. pack]

     b) running [20 miles in under 2« hours]

     c) cycling [100 miles in under 5« hours]

2) General Exercise. Regular Aims

     Each recruit must undertake a general exercise programme to ensure general 

     fitness. Two of the following should be done at least once a week:

     a) Walk 10 miles in c. 2« hours.

     b) Cycle 20 miles at minimum of 18 mph. Cycle 10 miles at minimum of 20mph

     c)  Run 5 miles at minimum of 7 minute/mile pace.

3) Flexibility, Coordination and Reactions.

     Achieved by:

     a) Physis group exercise sessions

     b) Individual exercise by participation in suitable sports - 

	e.g. swimming; tennis; football; rock-climbing.

4) Power/force.

     Achieved by:

     a) Physis group exercise sessions

     b) Individual exercise with aim of learning breath control and controlled

	 burst of power - e.g. cycling as hard as possible up steep hills; 

	chopping wood; heavy manual labour.

Individual Exercise:

Recruits are expected to reach and maintain a reasonable level of general fitness by regular participation in suitable sports or engaging in suitable work. The aim should be to dynamically exercise, outdoors, via activity/work, and enjoy this. The aim must not be to statically train indoors (e.g. in a gym, using 'weights') since this does not produce the kind of vitality Physis aims to create and use. What is important is not 'training' and setting training targets, but actively doing something strenuous and perhaps challenging, which is enjoyable, and interesting to do, and which by just doing it creates and maintains fitness, strength, power, coordination and so on.

What this means is that the exercise necessary should ideally become part of the everyday life of the recruit - and should not be achieved by specific 'training' sessions tacked on after work, for instance. Such specific training sessions then become a type of 'leisure activity', and the wrong type of attitude is created. Such exercise as is required can be mostly easily achieved by the recruit aiming to walk and cycle as much as is practical and possible given their everyday lives - avoiding short (or even long) journeys by car/Public Transport - and by participating in active sports like tennis, football and so on.


V.   Physis Fighting Techniques

     1) Use of knife; defence against knife - (a) unarmed; (b) short stave; (

	c) other techniques

     2) Use of short stave in defence and attack

     3) Use of heavy duty torch in defence and attack

     4) Use of improvised weapons [e.g. can of food in plastic bag; 

	screwdriver]  in attack and defence

     5) Use of 'weighted' gloves, knuckledusters, coshes etc. in attack and 


     6) Use of and defence against bats, truncheons, long staves etc.

     7) Killing techniques - (a) unarmed; (b) knife; (c) garrote; (d) other 


     8) Defence against handgun

     9) Defence against sprays [e.g. CS gas]

The techniques above will be taught for: (a) one opponent; (b) up to three opponents; (c) in a brawl/mˆl‚e situation.

An important aspect of fighting is psychological domination of the opponent(s) and assessing what level of force is appropriate to the situation. Training to do these things will be undertaken.


VI.    Physis  Aims

     a) Have recruits achieve a suitable level of fitness

     b) Enable recruits to have confidence in defence and attack

     c)  Create in them a noble vitality and an awareness of their Aryan 

	heritage and culture

     d) Enable the recruit to live and act like a warrior

     e) Reveal the ethos of the Aryan 

The general aim of Physis is to recruit and train dedicated warriors whose aim is to live and act in an Aryan way. This practical training will enable these warriors to fight in an effective and practical way as Aryans and for Aryan Destiny. This means them being or becoming National-Socialist revolutionaries. One specific aim of Physis is to create an ‚lite - for its recruits and warriors to become the ‚lite vanguard of the National-Socialist movement. This requires them to dedicate their lives to the Aryan ideals of loyalty, honour and duty, and to uphold Aryan standards in their everyday behaviour [ See 'Aryan Behaviour' and 'Honourable and Dishonourable Acts'].

A further aim is to make recruits aware, in a practical way, of that pagan attitude which is natural and healthy for Aryans. This means they become aware of the numinosity of Nature; they participate in NS festivals; they partake in general feasting at appropriate times (e.g. Solstice and Equinox).