While it is obviously true that some teenagers, heavy metal rock fans, and some immature adults use the inverse pentagram as nothing more than a shock-device, such people should not be confused with sincere adherants of Satanism.

Satanic Humanism
The inverse pentagram is used by Satanists as a symbol of their humanist philosophy and creative individualism. This humanism, it must be emphasised, is antithetical to that of the liberal variety, which shares with Christianity and other slave creeds the demand for an enforced egalitarianism and universal herd-conformity.

Satanic humanism, to the contrary. recognizes the primacy of the outstanding, creative individual above the mass (a hierarchy of human worth, in Nietzschean terms), for it is always the outstanding individual, not the inert mass, who has been responsible for human ascent and the march of history. The slaves creeds of the mass have displaced the individual in favor of the herd, thereby activating dysgenic and culturally retrogressive trends.

Satanism is unshamedly elitist. this alone is enough to make it heretical in the eyes of Christian, Moslem, dialectical materialist and liberal humanist.

Satanic humanism has been best articulated by Fredrich Nietzshe, refer especially to _Thus Spoken Zarathustra_, _The Anti-Christ_, _Twilight of the Idols_, and _beyond Good & Evil_. His philosophy of the Higher Man and the OverMan expresses the epitome of Satanism.

Adversary & Accuser
The Satanist has adopted the archetype of 'Satan' because the name itself means 'aversary' and 'accuser'. Today we are not only the adversaries and accusers of Judaeo-Christianity, but of all levelling creeds which stifle human biological and cultural ascent, be they religious, moral, political or philosophical.

The opposition implies more than a merely negative reaction ; our stance brings us back to certain _positive_ principles. It is the slave creeds which are anti-life and negative ; Satanism is the doctrine of Life-affirmed.

Satanism is too often defined by Anti-Satanists, and what emerges is that which is embraced by the juvenile and the imbalanced. The stereotpye is quite different from the reality.

If Satanism is to be true in it's first principle of advancing the godhood of the individual (Nietzsche's OverMan) for example, then it should, to be consistent, repudiate any activity which dissipates the mental and physical health of the individual, including excessive alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

Dividing Goats from Sheep
"It is easy to see the inverse pentagram as a diagramatic representation of a goat - the points making its horns, ears and beard. this has led to its becoming the symbol of Pan, the nature God of Greek mythology." states an article from _Magic Pentacle_

Satanists have no problem with this defintion of the symbol, for the goat and the Goat-God are representative of fertility and vitality, implying an aspect of Satanism's Carnal Doctrine. However, the inverse pentagram also symbolizes something more than primal nature-worship ; it is that of the individual above the mass.

"And he shall separate them one from another, as a shepard divideth his sheep from the goats. And he shall set the sheep on his right, but the goats on his left." (1)

That's us ; the Satanist goats. We refuse to run with the flock; We will not be herded. It is no christ that does the separating, but our own act of Will. 'Creative alienation' is how some Satanists have described it.

The Satanic Mission
The mission of the Satanist is more than the hexing of his neighbor's livestock. It is the advocating of the ascent of Man, which necessitates being the 'adversary' and 'accuser' of the presently-dominant systems which are dragging humanity back to the primal slime of undifferentiated existence with their egalitarianism and collectivism.

1. _Mathew_ 25: 32-33