Our Father, Anton Szandor LaVey

by Ken Gage

Say what you want about Anton Szandor LaVey, the undisputed
founding-father of modern Satanism. He's been labeled with it all --
charlatan, kook, fascist, you name it. And amongst those who think they
can detract from this man and his work have even been individuals using
the Devil's name.
Many of the attempts to discredit Dr. LaVey are incredibly immature,
when not just downright dotty. One petty whine I've heard from supposed
diabolists is that He "sold priesthoods." Well, good. I hope he got the
highest price he could, because anyone with that much spare change to
drop in Dr. LaVey's pockets must not be hurting for cash too badly and,
therefore, has some measure of success at something. What kind of
moralizing is this anyway? It sounds like a bunch of hippie bums sitting
around and smoking pot while they denounce their former buddies who are
now "sell outs because they got a job with the corporates." The phrase
"get a life" seems form-fitted for these "Satanic" moralists.
The claims that "The Black Pope" doesn't make enough talk-show
appearances to bolster and defend Satanism is a hoot of a holler,
considering he's done more for Satanism than anybody. Besides, I don't
hear Catholics complaining that Pope John Paul II doesn't make the rounds
enough in the American media to promote and "validate" Catholicism. Why
is that?
I've read a great deal of anti-LaVey literature; I have a hardy
collection from many sources. But all of it -- all of the self-serving
slander, obfuscating attempts & spurious objurgations -- is like trying
to knock down a pyramid with spitballs. And even if every word of it
were true, it would not affect the solid body of work built up by Anton
Szandor LaVey over the decades; it would be just a defamatory footnote.
I liken it to this: if Albert Einstein were discovered to have been a
child molester, would that necessitate that his Theory of Relativity is
Dr. LaVey needs no defenders. His works speak for themselves. I am
one of those who support the Church of Satan and make no bones about
where my one-time membership fee of a meager $100 went. There can be no
defalcation. That money went to the right source, even if that was his
pocket change for a night on the town. Rather than feel "taken," I only
smile admirably about the man who, for all intensive purposes, conjured
the Devil Himself, and I say, "Great show, Doc. And thanks for the