Ordo Templi Satanis - Satanic Ecology

The currently rising tide of "ecological awareness" is a trend which has severe repercussions for humanity as a species, and which should concern the Satanist especially. On the surface, the Green Movement is a noble endeavor; saving nature for future generations, recycling waste, conserving resources, and protect- ing animals and plants from the ravages of humankind.

However, this facade is easily broken, if any care to do so. When the appeals to emotionalism are stripped away from their message, the environmentalists are seen for what they truly are; modern day Luddites whose fear of modern technology has driven them to combat progress in the only way they know how; to make progress itself appear evil.

There are two concurrent but individual threads in the environmental movement. The first is aimed at the preservation of plants and animals, and the environments that support them. This is yet another facet of the vast egalitarianism movement. Why stop at making all humans equal? Why not take it to its logical conclusion and make all living things equal? When a human has no more right to a given piece of land than, say, a moose, who is to say that the moose's rights don't come first? And when it comes down to it, for all the environmentalist talk about the benefits in pharmaceuticals and the like, the question is one of sacrific- ing the interests of humans to support the interests of lesser species.

The Satanic point of view on this matter should be obvious. The right to perform an action is a direct function of possessing the power to perform that action. If humans possess the power (the "might", we might say), then they have by default acquired the right to do it. To even suggest that the interests of humani- ty should come after those of another is patently absurd, and even more, could be construed as treason against the species. If a single human dies so that a dozen snaildarters might prosper, that is infinitely too high a price to pay. Even the natural Aristocrats, the Satanists, must feel and demonstrate a loyalty to their own species (stratified though that species may be) and represent its interests before those of any other species.

Does this mean that Satanists advocate the complete obliter- ation of all other forms of life on the planet? Of course not. All we are saying is that, given a choice, humanity's interests must come first. If, along the way, other animal species can be incorporated into the world that we create for ourselves with a minimum of effort, then all the better. But the first and fore- most consideration must be mankind.

Naturally, if a species can be found that makes a direct contribution to human survival, comfort, or luxury, such as the animals and plants we use for food, or the animals we keep as pets (to a reasonable and limited degree) then by all means they should be kept. Our position is directed to those species which yield to mankind no direct material advantage.

The second point of the ecological attack lies in the direc- tion of the scarcity of resources. It is a fact that cannot be disputed; the supply of readily available (read economically extractable) resources is finite and care must be used in the extraction and use of all raw materials. There is no arguing this statement. However, it is quite possible to argue the timetables which are given for the depletion of the planet's resources.

More significant than that, however, is the fact that the ecologists have completely ignored the application of technology in the quest for new sources of raw materials. The vast deposito- ries of the seabeds lie untapped, awaiting the coming of man. And even more exciting, the limitless reaches of space can afford humanity not only an ample supply of raw materials for the fore- seeable future, but also can yield to us something that we need even more desperately-- a challenge, a new frontier to be ex- plored and tamed. Space can be that thing which humanity has been lacking for the last century or so; a new enterprise tough enough to test the mettle of the whole species, which can temper the metal of our best and brightest and turn out characters that can live on forever, making incalculable contributions to the history of humanity.

Our species can have no other destiny than to conquer this and all other worlds. The opportunities afforded by the prospect of space exploration; raw materials, living space, and a chal- lenge sufficient to test an entire world of people; these are too great to pass up. Satanists must stand at the forefront of space exploration, seeing it as the ultimate expression of humanity's climb from the primordial slime to reach out and touch the stars.