The Nine Statements Of The Church Of Satan Revisited:

by Tani Jantsang

Here are 9 simple statements I'm sure you've read. But did you read them? And yes, they are as simple, if not simpler than the colorful way I tried to define something that one must be able to feel in order to grasp. I used science (along with Marsh) to prove this thing we feel is very real. This thing we feel is not emotional at all. It's as real and tactile a feeling as: "Feel this texture," or "Feel this good feeling in the stomach after that great Delmonico Steak." This not only started a war of qubbling rubbish by people who can't feel this thing and don't understand any of the science behind it, but even after some scientific experts explained it and told the fools that it was on the ball, correct, they still simply "chose" to not believe it! Yet this is not a thing one can or can not "believe in." We are speaking of one of the basic and fundamental laws of physics: we are speaking of reality here. No matter: the faithful have no capacity to know truth from falsehood, reality from religion. So they simply "choose" to not believe in something as real as "air." Well, disbelief in the sun will not make the sun go away: but the Desire and Will of such people would be that they would want the sun to go away: "faith can do all" eh? As such, they want entropy to "not be" because they, nor their leader and his crackpot doctrines (the TOS), can grasp this! They have allies in this: the Fundamentalist Christians. Also, as can be seen from "Cos versus Tos" and "Neter," they are Fundamentalist Christians. Such moronic crackpots posing as Wisdom Holding Satanists should be eliminated from the Satanic scene as they give us a bad reputation even among the Christians who have always known us as diabolically cunning, notoriously intelligent people with an uncanny knack with natural sciences and other hard sciences. TOS are Christians, not Satanists, and did not understand Anton LaVey's 9 Satanic Statements the first time around. They woefully misunderstood them from the start and they have been poisoning the neo-Satanic movement from their inception. So Marsh and I posted things about the truth of this dark-force that Anton LaVey said he felt, which made him realize that Satan was much more than what the medieval Black Mass idea would state! It is a kind of hidden force that permeates and motivates all of Nature. Now, Anton LaVey apparently didn't know that this force is and was well known to sciences, so well-known that Marsh and I were easily able to post things about this. Marsh used pure science and I used the traditional generational Satanic method to state what this force is and is not. This might sound like it agrees with COS, but it is all in fact purely scientific. That means that COS agrees with science, not the other way around! We decided to push the COSsers getting TOS abuse out of the way for awhile and stand there with targets on to see what the TOS would do. Well, they did it. After being proven by experts (Ph.D. in physics, elecrical engineer, etc.) to be absolute know nothings with science, they next tried to pick on our metaphors. After being shot down on that, they tried to pick on our grammar. Then they resort to other tactics when COS members (their former number one enemies) defend us! Finally they can be seen to do what all good Fundamentalist Christians do: just refuse to believe it! Well, we can refuse to believe that the TOS exists: it would be very easy to do if they weren't tenaciously in the way all the time.

Well, here these are again with some comments.


1. Indulgence instead of abstinence. Do you know what abstinence is? Gotta diet, don't eat that. Don't smoke. Don't drink. Don't eat meat. Don't make love. Don't dance. Don't sing. Don't talk loud. Don't laugh. Don't play. Don't be rude. Above all don't be rude, be polite and kow-tow to lies. Censor yourself, Gag yourself lest you speak from your heart some undefiled truth or real feeling. Kill your feelings, deny them. deny the flesh but strive and strive to be something else. All of that is abstinence. Let xtoid inquisitors in your families, in TOS, in society, lord it over you with rubbish "questions" as they pretend they are actually asking a question they want the answer to. No, they don't want the answer, they just want to judge you and make you have to justify yourself to them or at least try to make you feel the need to justify yourself or your feelings when you have only told the truth about something that you think or feel: taboo in xian society. "Mom, that food tastes like shit, ptewy!" Let TOS call you COS spaniels for telling a truth when it is only COS that told the truth. Letting them get away with this is a form of abstinence! Indulgence is the refusal to let anyone do this to you, to refuse to censor yourself, to speak from the heart, to DO what you feel and want. THAT is indulgence. It is a lack of judging oneself like the ascetic dualistic xtoids tend to do. Indulgence is being. It is not being liked. It is liking to be!! Indulge means: I like, I want, I do, or it is also I do not like, I do not want, therefore I do not do. Peer group pressure? This term means nothing to a natural born indulger. It only works on abstainers. Think in the inner way about this. Peer group: get you to abstain from being yourself!

2. Vital Existence instead of spiritual pipe-dreams. Do you know what Vital existence is? The 2 point up star is a glyph for this. It means liberation, it means normal kundalini release. It means vitality, the physical quality of being vital and whole. Do you know what a pipe-dream is? Fake evolutionary theory faith, fake belief in disembodied entities out there. Fake creators of man. Fake idealized states of being like kingdom of god or various other-earthly ideas where you are no longer a body but just a disembodied mind. It means a pipe dream a wannabe, a lie and a "robe" you wear while you pretend to be what you are not! Pretend to know things you know nothing about: pipe dreaming. It is belief grounded not on truth, but on a fantasy that society calls a "religion" or "faith." Spiritual pipe-dreams cover a lot of things. Some religions have more pipe-dreams than others. Today's Catholic religion is not all that pipe-dreaming, nor is Islam today. Tantra is not even a religion and is not "Buddhism" at all, tho it is lumped as this. Western people trying to get into this often are pipe-dreaming. Hinayana (Theravada) surely is a religion, at least in some places, but then it is also more like a cultural thing in places. Ufo-ism saving aliens helping man is a pipe dream. Lots of Wicca is a pipe dream, but not all. New Age is a mish mash of many things. TOS's doctrines are, to the letter, total pipe-dreams and denials of reality. And so are hard-core Fundemantalist ideas. In fact, there is a 1:1 ratio where one could accurately compare TOS to the hard-core Fundies, statement by statement.

3. Undefiled Wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit. Undefiled Wisdom or Inner Truth is a subject we've been dealing with a lot lately and you all can see what the Inquisitors (of the TOS & Xianity) have done to us and tried to do to "we who have it and speak it." (Yet they pretend to be for freedom of speech, yes, like the Fundamentalist Christians are!) They do exactly what the Inquisitors did and exactly what the Xian enemies of the Masons did. And what did the Masons do back? Smash. Undefiled Wisdom or Inner Truth is knowing the hard truth about yourself, without the bullshit or facades or pretends. I.e., if you are stupid, then recognize it. Hypocritical self-deceit? Do you know what that is? Well, what TOS has been doing since 1975 toward and against the COS and LaVey personally is this. What Aquino does to himself claiming conversations with Set is this. Fundies do it too with their Born Again fantasy. It's when you claim to be something you are not and you believe it yourself. Lots of neo-satanists in the "rebellion phase" and stuck in this phase are doing self-deceit loudly. When you lie to another person and deceive them, this is OK! When you deceive yourself, you are schizoid or worse. Hippocritical deceit is just what Oral Roberts did. But hippocritical SELF deceit is when e.g., you claim to be in favor of Freedom of Speech and yet are your own inner censor, cry over rude words that might "hurt someone's feelings" even so the words are only exposing a liar to be: "A LIAR!" Such a person is not and can not be in favor of Free Speech because they do not even practice it. They deceive themselves in thinking they are for it. It is deceiving yourself to be anything you are not. Such people tend to go into balistic reaction mode when someone who really knows something comes around and smashes their little fortress of lies. Then they can be seen to go into self-destructive behavior and also retreat to their old faith: belief in lies despite evidence to the contrary. Self-deceit is a tall subject because 99% of the Christian worls lives and breathes in a Sea of Lies: their own culture. They are not self-aware enough to even know they deceive themselves. They are the enemies of self sincerety inside their own selves. Hippocritical self-deceit is the fool screaming about sexual freedom when he never even got off who really has another agenda aside from freedom to work if you are sexually different, and who would know if he doesn't blab it all over to uninterested others? His agenda has more to do with acceptance by others since he obviously does not accept himself. You can spot them: they'd try to preach this bullshit to people who have been having sex quite naturally since they were 13 years old or so. This is hippocritical self-deceit. This is not the same thing as a hippocrite! Self-deceit is not the same as deceiving others.

4. Kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates. Yes, Xtoids are raised by fiends and told that this is love: so they grow up in this way. They automatically are chummy with scum. Like the "girlfriend" who does you a "favor" and gets you some crack when you are pregnant. They think this is a "friend." They don't recognize real kindness: they react to it as if the person is either an enemy to fear or a doormat to be walked on. We who are not like this know what this statement means. It doesn't need explanation. But to the xtoid damaged it may as well be written in Satanese. They grow up loving or wanting to love parents that any healthy normal animal would want to shoot in vengeance instead. The statement about Love is almost different as one can be kind without feeling love. One can be kind to a total stranger simply out of animal-human decency. Love is a feeling, it shines out of the heart area in a gentle way, like sunshine. It doesn't feel like anything to be loved, but it feels like joy to love someone or something. Love comes all of a sudden, and it goes just as suddenly. Normal healthy people would just let it go when it's gone and not try to force something to exist when it's gone. When you do that, Love turns to obligation and then to hate. In the xtoid world there is a lot of love/hate. And we see love/hate is really hate, not love. Love is writing a song you are inspired to write. Love is sharing it with another who liked it too. Love is not a bond of clinging as if you are half a person needing another half. No: that is more a war of Wills because two people are two people, not one. Love is something xtoid types (klippoths) crave. I see they have no love, not for anything including themselves. And that is WHY they are kind to enemies and treat others who are truly kind like doormats. Love has many forms and English is not adequate to define it. There is the love of a thing or of knowledge, there is kinship love, mother love which is more of an instinct and quite different, love of an area (feeling at-home, more like territorial feelings), love of a mate (I don't mean lust which is felt in the loins). Love is felt in the heart area of the body, in the chest. Kindness can be called compassion and is more like empathy. Xtoids preach this, but they have only malice and feel good only when they can pretend to lord it over another which they do out of inner weakness.

5. Vengeance instead of turning the other cheek. Yes. Smash. We all know what vengeance is and what it feels like to want to get it. It is something any wild animal feels. There is nothing sociopathic about it except in a sick, decadent Xtoid society where laws are made to protect abject scum. They get by with impunity, mouthing off, ripping off, as of old, but when the other side is given the freedom to get even they pass laws. Well, some animals don't care about that! When you taunt a wild animal that was never xtoid-tamed enough, it might go after you and rip off your head. Animals in zoos have been known to do this: it's natural. People, after reading "Toxic Parents," did what the book said and confronted their toxic parents. Result: a lot of parents ended up being killed by their kids. Our kind would have expected it. "Turning the other cheek" is when you chicken out and then pretend that you are "above it all." In reality this self-deceit festers and poisons the emotions. Often people attempt to "try to like" the HATED ENEMY in an attempt to not feel these festering emotions. Nope: it doesn't work. Turning the other cheek is an inward thing and not doing that doesn't have to mean you have to get physical vengeance: just speak out and shout it, at least don't pretend to yourself. Otherwise, if you really don't want to get even, it's not turning the cheek then, it's indulging in not caring! As one Satanist I know said, you can throw a curse on a person, no need for violence. Well... to one grown in an inner city with violence, that doesn't sound like something carnal enough.... Even when the curse works, it still doesn't feel quite as good as physically smashing the shit out of the enemy, with your bare hands! Take it from me: I know. Once that's done, you really don't care about it anymore: the feeling is gone for good.

6. Responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires. Yes, it's why I refuse to give references when it is clear the person doesn't want them, give them direction on what book to study to know what they claim they want to know and they don't read them, but instead vampirize my time asking me over and over again the same question. Or the type that wants the personal attention on his "problem" and the answer is all too simple. But they do not just do it, they stall, meander, and want to talk about it more. This is like mental masturbation on your time. They want you to pay attention to them, notice that they exist. I let some do this to see them doing it and then show them what they are doing: true to form, they often turn ostrich and rationalize their meandering. Some realize what they are doing. Psychic vampires are explained very well in the S.B. already, and Marsh explained it from another direction in his article "Loners Herd and Klippoths." Share what you have with those you like who are responsible and who really want it for self edification or or enjoyment: it's easy to tell that kind apart from the lonely klippoths looking for attention and asking for things: they usually have things of their own to share back with you that they produce from not lonliness, but a full rich heart; they usually have their own joy of life and things in common to share. The psychic black hole has nothing inside to share. Giving things to such a black hole empty person is like throwing it in the garbage. I am in a curious position to notice that when I was very hostile to COSsers they at least checked out things and listened and understood why I was hostile. I had my reasons for coming off that way. Yet one hard-proof with science to just be a little bit hostile to TOS lies, by using something we'd normally think to use against the hard-core Fundies and their lies, and TOS are bent completely out of shape to the point of "choosing to not believe the proofs" even now when experts said these are true things and even one expert quoted from an expert book on it! Fundies would call us sinner, damned and go back to their Jesus." TOS use other words, anything to avoid the truths.

7. Man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all. Note the quotations Anton LaVey uses. I.e., there is no "divine" spiritual or intellectual development in man at all. I wonder how many lost sight of those quotes. I know TOSsers did. Anatomical and neurological knowledge of man's brain shows that it is just like any other animal's and there is nothing odd, divine, or strange about it (except for the miswired brains found by neurology that now tell us why some people think up pipe-dreams no matter what they think of and are not able to grasp any kind of truth and why others, even when shown what they are doing, are "unable to know" or anosognosic). Some folks just think in pipe-dreams: they tend to be dualists. By that I mean schizoid. Alexithymic. Anosognosiac. Man is exactly like any other animal but few people have grown up freely in xian society wherein this nature was allowed to bloom or grow naturally and normally. They are like damaged people. It's highly visiible. They are unable to get a clue into themselves even when shown, even when I deliberately let them do their thing and trap them and then show them. They all try to squirm out of it or make up excuses no matter how I nail them down. Neurologists found this too in their schizoid patients and the more schizoid they are, the more they do this. Another word for what they are is highly repressed to the point that they have become their own oppressors. They are their own inner enemy: example would be a person who is "an enemy" who tells me he is going to do a crime or did one and then worries that I'll turn him in! Why did he tell me? Or a person who claims to have had a war with some enemy and who never imagines that I might ASK that enemy about it. Then if the person lied, well, if the enemy never heard of him before, he will surely know about him now! Why did he invent this lie and tell me? He is his own enemy. Normal animals don't tend to do things like that. Rats don't deliberately catch themselves in traps and, after catching one rat, it is near impossible to catch any others in that same trap.

8. Represents all the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental or emotional gratification. This is a tricky one. Murder is a sin in xianity, tho with their Onward Christian Soldiers and Children's Crusades and Inquisition I used to think that murder was a virtue in Xian religion: like kill people to hurry them into the Kingdom or something. Yes, but when you want vengeance, sure would feel good to beat the bastard gone. Odd that with the occasion of vengeance they'd want you to turn the other cheek! (Jews have "an eye for an eye") Theft is a sin too and hunger is a good incentive to steal food if you can't get it otherwise. And so forth (sorry, I don't know the other Xian sins) But now this is also a matter of law, not just religion. So Anton LaVey didn't mean that. He meant the so-called sins that have nothing to do with the law, like greed, lust and other things Anton LaVey spelled out in the S.B. Sure they feel good. Christians are preeminent joy-killers and what's insidious about them is that, once they've de-humanized your animal nature, you tend to perpetuate the repressions against yourself when the Xian authority is long gone. Or you might delude yourself into getting into "sexual freedom movements" and preach the chore of sex while you never even get off. These xtoids are unable to even be aware of naturally freer people all around them that ignore them, yet at the same time, they are very aware of them. How can they not be aware of what they are aware of? Easy: brain damage from xian upbringing.

9. Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years. This statement needs revision and update. Which church? Well, this can't mean the Jewish Temple because they don't have a devil. And it can't mean Eastern clans or cults or Islam because they don't have this idea either. Islam tends to use "Great Satan" to mean the U.S.A. It can't really mean Hindus because almost all the Hindu "deities" are viewed as Devils, more or less. But it means the christians, their churches and one other new group that is being kept in business: TOS. What is so odd is that TOS would choose to take the name satanist for themselves while they are hard core fundamentalists xians! I'd call that self-deceit on a grand scale, Cosmic pipe dreams.

These 9 statements can't be read in isolation as if they are split off from each other. They form one big picture of a thing to grasp. A kind of animal with a natural nature. The description, except for the last statement about "churches," applies to every single animal on earth, including worms, insects, sea life, etc. They don't tend to invent pipe dream sick-houses like churches nor do they set up shops where lies and fantasies can be sold to pipe-dreamers. But the other statements literally do apply to every single living thing on the planet. These statements flow into each other and on a very high level they are all like one statement since the fully liberated person automatically IS all these things and the repressed types automatically are the enemies of it, despite the "movements" they get into where they try to deny they are enemies of it. E.g.: The person who can't even speak from his own heart can not be for free speech It's not possible.

Where Anton LaVey, on page 16, bottom of page, said: "The Devil was much more than just that (anti xianity, anthropomorphic devil: things LaVey cites as having happened in the past). Satan represented a dark, hidden force in nature that was responsible (a causal agent) for the workings of earthly affairs for which science and religion had no explanation and no control." He then goes on to explain how he felt it first in small ways, and then later in more ways. Gamblers on a roll know what this feels like. One might say that he may have conjured up the parking spaces OR, he got "in tune with" this random element and ended up putting himself in the right place at the right time. That's also called "Following the Tao," by real Taoists (Asians, not western pipe-dreamers who never understood any of this). And so Chaos Magicians know what this is. So? If they know what it is, and are natural animals, then they are: Satanists. No squabble there. Chaosians are new. That's all anyone can think up to compare this with and yet I never even heard of Chaos Magic until I contacted the public neo-occult (ex-christians) in the last 5 years. The Ninja have these as one thing too as they are the same doctrines or knowledge I should call it; we have the same animal nature. We are generational people and don't much relate to all this new stuff. That's also part of my own initial hostility. But at least the COSsers really wanted to know truths, the history, the many forms of doctrines, they really wanted to know. Tossers? They have invented Egyptian and Set history, a pure fantasy. They don't want truths, not about anything, not chemistry, not physics, not even biochemistry or neurology. Asking for references, or even to see an article, they even ADMIT they don't really want to see it. Why would a Fundamentalist Xian want to see anything Satanic except to try to refute it? They can try. Sorry. Reality is on our side here!

2000 years of so much co-opting of Plato until Plato is no longer Plato. And now over 20 years of co-opting LaVey so that Aquino can make him into Not-LaVey? We surely recognize when one of them is OUR KIN and is saying the same things and knowing the same things. Anton LaVey even used the right 3-fold symbol, the Palladium, Baphomet! TOS uses the female Eastern Star and they have no right to it! They are not it! They even mistitle it! What COS is talking about is normal animal nature which, indeed, the enemy has called "of Satan." Why not equate Anton LaVey with Desmond Morris, then? Why not call Desmond Morris a "LaVey parrot?" What TOS says is the same kind of puke that the Fundies have always said against all science. And fundies do indeed call Atheists "satanic" too.

All we did was show that science surely does have an explanation for this thing Anton LaVey felt, and this hidden force doesn't just effect earthly affairs (that's why we called it Cosmocrator). And we named this force: entropy in physics, also known as Second Law of Thermodynamics in chemistry. And more. We showed that oh yes, the xians surely did define this: their scholars described it by telling us what the devil does in nature as Lord Of This World according to their view. They must have also felt it to be able to have described it so well and yet they hardly knew what any kind of force was. They know this force as the thing they feel at odds with!! Consider that! They feel at odds with: Life! Odd that it's called the Second Law since the numerological symbol for Satan is two. And thermodynamics? Thermo, heat: equated with Hell? Also equated with the SUN which we love and which gives warmth and makes things grow. Interesting: Black (dark, hidden) Flame (Thermo).

So all we did on the internet was give strong, hard proof for the validity of what Anton LaVey wrote. Prior to that, the Inquisitors in the TOS would dismiss this all, mock out Cossers, look down COS as "simple." Yet by using simple words, I managed to expose them as morons that know nothing by letting them get all over me and then sitting back while the experts exposed them! And more: we gave this "simple" statement that Anton LaVey said the strongest power one could give it: undefiled wisdom/truth. He spoke of a real thing without knowing the physics or chemistry for it and, as per the Pythagorean and Tantrik dictum, he knew what it was from the direct carnal feel of it. One doesn't have to know the details to be able to feel it. Just like a born musician doesn't have to know how to read music to PLAY IT. No one ever said that this hidden force in nature is a god. TOS lied! Fundies lie too! TOS is not some kind of advanced or "new" LaVey Satanist thought. Absolutely not! See post on this COS versus TOS and Neter, the bottom line on this using the hard logic normally applied to philosophical thought.

On a much higher level of "clarity" there is much to say about the interwovenness of Dr. LaVey's statements in that normal animal people will wonder what they could mean and the thanatos group of klippoths will only be able to read them in the outer sense and never grasp them inwardly. I'll show you: Indulgence is what those with vital existence have and practice and never even think about or wonder about because they have it: they are vital! They also automatically have undefiled wisdom/truth. I qualify that with the word "truth" because "Wisdom" could include knowing what a rocket scientist knows and Satanism doesn't require this. Wisdom could mean intelligence and one does not have to be a genius to be a Satanist. Self-wisdom IS Inner-Truth: neurology calls that the "ORGANIC I." These three things result in animals/humans that naturally are kind to those who deserve it and have responsibility of self and are responsibile to others of like kind: Automatically! That is the kind of animal they are: Zoos/Eros. of nature.

On the other hand, Abstinence (the inner real kind) stems from inner fear and is rooted in, self-deceit (which is caused by self-hate and hiding from that self-hate which produces "wannabe") and this leads to the desire and need for pipe-dreams! All klippoths do this and never seem to get a clue that they are doing it. Some see it when they are caught doing it. E.g. abstinence: inability to speak your mind from your own heart. That is a deep inner abstinence that comes from fear, self-hate and repression. As a result of what these klippoths have they are always ingrates and kind to other ingrates (but treat the truly kind and generous like they can be walked on) and they are all psychic vampires which I refer to as clingers. They are full of worry-care concern for non-issues while they tend to hate normal animal humans. They are broken people and they innately are enemies of any beast with brains. They are as if tied to each other and glued in a "place" where lies (a sea of lies) and unreality-of-self exist and where they can have no truths, often no truths about anything, not even things one could learn from a book these days! They have no self-truth or awareness and they walk around in a numb dream and in a numbed state: Not Vital, low-energy people, emotionally insane and twisted inside. They all are this same thing! Thanatos. Not of or in nature which they can feel they are "Not part of."

People misread these statements while other normal healthy types wonder what they could mean. My reaction to the indulgence one was, "But doesn't everyone indulge by the very act of doing whatever it is they are doing?" The ascetic indulges in self- denial! That's an inner meaning. And for abstinence I thought it meant that "You might want to rob food from a store but you 'abstain' because you don't want to get caught and go to jail." Now, that's an outer meaning that a normal animal sees. A normal animal can not possibly understand what else abstinence could mean. It can't mean "I don't want to do that" because you are not doing what you do not want to do: indulging in avoidance of what you do not want! The animal only understands "I like, I want, I do," or I do not like, do not want, do not do." This is not even something we have to think about: it's so automatic it is instinct. E.g., food tastes bad? Spit it out. When you eat it in order to please another, that is a type of abstinence or self-effacement that klippoths all do but which animals can not do and would not do unless they were forced. Then being forced would lead a desire to get vengeance, by any means necessary. And so these statements mean a whole other thing when you really read them in the inner and real sense.

Dr. LaVey was not talking about the laws of the U.S.A. when he wrote these. He wrote these and he wrote many other articles that show that he never "changed" this basic foundation of the COS. He never was "caught between" some mystical pipe-dream and some selfish atheism. The COS never went thru any kind of transformation as one can see by what LaVey wrote all those years. What he himself wrote, not in personal letters to pat some fool on the shoulder: but in what he wrote and let everyone see by publishing it. That is what Anton LaVey thought and believed. TOS wants to try to change this, try to say that the Satanic Bible was the "old" and they are the "new." No such thing. Their philosophy is not Satanic in any way shape or form nor can it possibly be shown to derive from these basic premises. See post on that COS/TOS and Neter.

We creative healthy animals tend to talk creatively. The Tossers take their faith seriously and don't have a creative bone in their dead, stiff bodies. Aquino tried to convert LaVey to Fundie xianity with "dark words" for the concepts. Failing to do this, he ran off in a huff and made up his own group: a crackpot pseudo-history version of fundie Xianity all over again; he recreated xianity and imagines his "new labels" for the same old Jesus and Elect of God and Kingdom fool anyone. No: they only can fool other Fundie Xians.