Aims: To (a) Study the esoteric current behind National Socialism, Thule, and
the occult traditions from which they derived; (b) Prepare a political and
cultural infrastructure to replace the collapsing Old Order; (c) Presence the
Dark Forces on Earth via ritual magick, study, propaganda, infiltration, and
any other means deemed necessary.

Leadership: Leadership is vested in the Grand Master (GM), who has ultimate
responsibility for the interpretation and amendment of this Constitution.

Organisation: The basic unit is the Lodge. At least 3 members may form a
Lodge, and elect a Master/Mistress, subject to approval by the GM.

Membership: Applicants must be at least 18.

Conduct: A Master/Mistress may suspend a subordinate, subject to review by the

Symbol: The iwaz rune rep. the yew tree of Life & Death, crossed to form a
Cosmic Wheel, surrounded by a self-devouring serpent; the whole being the
evolutionary interaction of polarities.



Fraternity of Balder:
60 Elmhurst Road, Reading, RE1 5HY, England.

Blood Axis:
Box 18009, Denver, Co. 80218, USA.

Abraxas Foundation:
Box 300081, Denver, Co. 80203, USA.

N.S. Kindred:
P.O. Box 256, NSJ, CA. 95960, USA.