Ordo Templi Satanis - The Concept of the Order

The words "Ordo Templi Satanis" are Latin for "Order of the Satanic Temple," and are derived from the name for the old Knights Templar-- the Knights of the Temple. The OTS has been conceived to be a modern equivalent to an Order of knighthood, and is organized along lines similar to those used in medieval Europe. The ultimate goal of the Order is to bring this nation back to the Satanic principles upon which it was founded, and to ensure that the natural Satanic elite is no longer on the brink of destruction at the hands of the masses.

We recognize that the only way for humanity as a whole to realize its potential is to return to the old social formulae, which recognize the existence of a natural aristocracy within the human species. We give that aristocracy the label of Satanist, and borrow the imagery of Satanism and the occult for our pur- poses. We do not believe in a literal extraterrestrial being known as Satan, Lucifer, or any other such thing. We see humanity as the ultimate expression of the force of evolution, which is constantly working to improve the species and drive it forward. We see this as a good thing, but we recognize the necessity of the stratification of the Satanists from the slaves, the elite from the masses, the leaders from the followers, in order to achieve greatness for ourselves as a species.

Our philosophy is rooted in materialism, and is quite a cynical one. We do not deny this, indeed, we revel in it. It is only through such tough, realistic approaches that the vast and awesome problems which face our planet and species today can be overcome, and we believe that through the application of our philosophy, we can bring this about.

While the Satanist is, by definition, a creature of individ- uality and self-reliance, we recognize that it is only through the application of an iron Will that our goals can be accom- plished. This is Realpolitik. Without a consistent, centralized organization backing and pushing for our programs to be accepted by the masses, we stand no chance against the vast bureaucracy of egalitarianism which has entrenched itself in Western society through the vehicle of Christianity and which threatens to spread the world over. To that end, we conceive of the Order of the Satanic Temple as a group which can work together, drawing the strength of its members and focusing it in a single direction, as a vehicle, a living, breathing Working spanning the course of years, that may bring about the fundamental realignment of our society and culture.

In order for this to occur, however, we as members of the natural Aristocracy must realize that we shall be called upon to make even greater sacrifices than the current system of charity- at-gunpoint could ever dream of asking. We shall be forced to work together, as a single entity, for the fulfillment of our goals. In order to be able to bring this about, a certain amount of externally imposed discipline must be employed, but in no case will the spirit of individual effort and creation, central to the Satanic philosophy, ever be quelled. Indeed, it should be stated here and now that, should the leadership of the Order, singly or collectively, ever attempt to quench the fires of individuality among the membership beyond the bounds demanded by the need for discipline, or should the leadership ever silence out of hand questioning and healthy non-derisive debate, then those individu- als of the leadership responsible should realize that they have betrayed the most fundamental principles of our Faith, and should bear the brunt therefore.

It is felt that, in order to make the most efficient use of our available resources, communication and some degree of coordi- nation is necessary. Merely awaiting the timely confluence of like-minded individuals, trusting on some vague sense of "the time being right" for a host of people to act in concert, is not a realistic prospect. The effort we make to change our society along the lines we espouse must be a consciously directed act, derived from the combined creative and motivating forces of all the membership of the Order.

The goals of the Order thus established, its methods must also be elucidated. While it is true that we oppose much of the legal structure of our society, based as it is upon principles which are entirely alien to a vibrant, living, expanding culture, we recognize the fact that any large-scale changes (such as those which we envision) must be wrought from within, rather than imposed from without. This goes back to the idea that the Masses must be lulled as much as possible; nothing must be perceived as a threat to their comfortable, staid, and ultimately uninspired lives.

On the other hand, we must recognize that there may come times when our society is either unwilling or unable to grant us the protections and rights which we deserve, as much as any other citizens or organizations. We must forge instruments whereby we can ensure that our fate lies within our own grasp, rather than placing our fullest trust in the good will of our most bitter enemies. Each member of the Order, and the organization as a whole, must have the capacity for self-sufficiency in all things, most of all protection.

It will be the ultimate test and expression of the Will that the Order and its members will have the strength to lash out and inflict vast harms upon society, but willingly will refrain from doing so. Only in the most dire cases, where the very life itself is threatened, must such measures be employed, and then only when all other avenues have been exhausted. We should be reluctant to do so, but when forced to, we should be able to stand alone and succeed.

The chief weapon of the Order, and of the entire Satanic movement, should be to lead and convert by example. If the mind- less drones of the Masses see that Satanists are prospering, and that those who follow the Satanic ideology are the "winners" of society, they will be much more inclined to do so themselves. And this should not only apply to the individual members of the Order; the organization as a whole must be seen to be a respect- able and flourishing one. To this end, we envisage the construc- tion of an actual, physical, Satanic Temple in some major metro- politan region, to serve as a shining beacon-- an example of what can be done by following and espousing our philosophy.