Satanism: A World To Win

by Graeme Wilson (OSV - Dunedin)

Black Metal and Satanism have for many - including both Christians, and self-styled "Satanists" - come to mean the same thing. Unfortunately, many of those bands using Satanic symbols do so simply as a gimmick. many groups, when asked, state that they really hold Satanism in as much contempt as Christianity. They think Satanism is just Christianity in reverse, and therefore don't really understand what real Satanism actually is. Pete Helmkamp, vocalist for the Black Death Metal band Order from Chaos, agrees with this observation, writing: "I tend to agree with you on your opinion that most of the 'satanic' imagery or trappings is utterly ridiculous. It is easy to wear an inverted cross; it is not easy to understand what that symbol represents, and it is even more difficult to live the Satanic way! I applaud your acknowledgement that these so-called 'satanic' bands always end up regurgitating inverse Christian theology, or babble about desecration and profanation - this is juvenile not Satanic!" Of course, there are also many exceptions - Black Metalers - and others, who do have a genuine understanding of and commitment to Satanism. It is the responsibility of these to advance Satanism as a genuine challenge to the old order and ready themselves as warriors for the battles ahead.

Satanism has a world to win - to take back from the systems and religions of the masses. Satanism is Life itself, the workings of Nature, of the Cosmos. It is the quest for human excellence... for man becoming god. It is the law of the survival of the fittest, and thus a rebellion against all those who seek to drag mankind down by the dead weight of "equality" and "world brotherhood". It is the ethos of the strong - in Will, Mind & Body. Satanism destroys that which is weak and corrupt so that the best in Life may triumph and lead mankind to higher levels of Being.

Satanism is both creative and destructive, representing the cosmic balance of Life & Death. Without destruction, the rotten and decayed cannot be cleared away for new life. just like a garden is weeded, Satanism weeds out the rotten and decayed amongst humanity and its societies.

The Satanist is the warrior of this Natural and historic cycle of destruction & renewal. He must now destroy in order to create - as the barbarians throughout history have always done. Whenever a civilization has grown weak and sick, an uncorrupted healthy barbarian horde has swept down to cleanse the world of the sickness, so that a youthful, healthy new culture can take its place. Satanists are today the heirs of this barbarian tradition.

Where do Black Metal and certain other forms of music fit into all this? If Black Metal, etc. is to be a genuine youth rebellion, and not a phoney one like the New Left of the 1960s & 70s, its followers must think how they are going to contribute to the Satanic revolt, and steel themselves to become part of a new barbarian horde - and not merely a product of modern mass consumer society.

Quite a few Black Metal musicians are misleading youth and claiming that Satanism just means "doing whatever you like". This is NOT Satanism. it is just a hangover from the childish New Left Nihilism of the 60s & 70s. If I were a Christian I would be rejoicing in the self-destructive life-styles of many Black Metalers & other youths. Alcoholism and drug abuse and anything else that weakens the individual is making that person useless - WEAK - as a Satanist. Such a person cannot contribute anything to this battle - he is not destroying the enemy - he is destroying himself.

The Satanist warrior aims to strengthen himself in every way possible. Will the Black Metalers of today be the Iron Youth of Satanism, part of the new barbarian horde to destroy the old, weak, corrupt world that a New Order might arise, or will they self-destruct on drugs and alcohol and the chase after the trivial things of the mass consumer society?????????

This is not to say that one must be like a Christian puritan. Hell forbid! Indulge, yes, but with balance - like the pagan warrior Greeks, Vikings & Romans. In the Viking book of wisdom the Edda, we find this advice on a balanced lifestyle, yet without denying the pleasures of life:

"Shun not the mead, but drink in measure
Speak to the point or be still
Over beer the bird of forgetfulness broods
And steals the mind of man.

The greedy man, if his mind is vague
Will eat till sick he is
The vulgar man when among the wise
To scorn by his belly is bought. The herds know well when home they shall fare
And then from the grass they go
But the foolish man, his belly's measure
Shall never know aright."

Like the Vikings, the Spartans, the Romans, indulge in the pleasures of Life, but with balance and measure so that you may be fit for battle. Before you can conquer the world, you must conquer yourself. And Then:

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Transcribed by Graeme Wilson (OSV - Dunedin)
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