"Should the subduing talisman, the Cross, break then will come the
roaring forth of wild madness of the old champions... The talisman is brittle,
and the day will come when it will pitifully break. The old stone gods will
rise... and rub the dust of a thousand years from their eyes. And Thor,
leaping forth with his giant hammer, will crush the Gothic Cathedrals!"

So wrote the poet Heinrich Heine in 1834. A century later the ancient
berserker force was unleashed from the restraints not only of Christianity,
but the whole liberal/rationalist/materialist complex which had stricken
Europe for so long.
National Socialist Germany saw the resurgence of Man as an instinctive
animal, a part of nature, in contrast to the Christian dogma of man distinct
and apart from nature.
Man's animal self was repressed by the Nazarene creed, and the
political dogmas it gave birth to. These anti-life forces, including Marxism,
Christianity and capitalism, repressed the instinctive nature of Man.
Repression causes neuroses which seek outlets, and Germany exploded as
the repressed forces of man's primal nature were unleashed with the appeal to
Life made by the NSDAP.
The Swiss psychologist Jung saw National Socialism as necessary for
making whole the German volk, which had been split off from its "Shadow" Self,
that dark path of the collective unconscious of a people which is repressed
from consciousness. He saw this Shadow Self of the Germans embodied in the
archetypal dark god Wotan.
In late 19th and early 20th century Germany and Austria there were
many flourishing esoteric orders which sought to establish a reborn Germanic
identity and to reconnect the volk with its repressed archetypes.
One of the most significant of these Orders was founded in Germany in
1912 - the German Order. From this sprang the Thule Society whose driving
force was Rudolf von Serbottendorff. He had been schooled in occultism,
Islamic mysticism, alchemy, Rosicrucianism and much else, in Turkey, where he
had also been initiated into Freemasonry.
Thule served as the recruiting and political action front of the
German Order. Serbottendorff bought a failing Munich newspaper, the Beobachter
which he renamed the Volkische Beobachter and it became the official newspaper
of the NSDAP.
A movement to promote Thulian ideas among industrial workers and to
offset Marxism, was formed in 1918 - the Workers' Political Circle - with
Thulist Karl Harrer as chairman. From this came the German Workers' Party in
1919. A year later this became the NSDAP under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.
Serbottendorff himself stated: "Thule members were the people whom
Hitler first turned and who first allied themselves with Hitler."
The Thule society was active in efforts to overthrow the Barvarian
Communist Government. Their propaganda effort was aided by a journalist, poet,
and occult student Dietrich Eckart, who was the major intellectual influence
on Hitler in the early years. The swastika flag adopted by the NSDAP was the
brain-child of another Thulist, Dr Krohn.
With the victory of the Nazi Party, the occult tradition was carried
on in the Third Reich mainly by the SS, who Reichsfuhrer, Himmler, was an avid
student of the occult. An SS occult research department, the Ahnernerbe
(Ancestral Heritage) was established in 1935 with SS Colonel Wolfram von
Sievers at its head. Occult research took SS researchers as far afield as
Tibet. Sievers had the Tantrik prayer, the Bardo Thodol, read over his body
after his execution at Nuremberg.
National Socialism and the Third Reich represented a major attempt by
high esoteric Adepts to re-establish a Culture based on the Laws of Nature,
against the entrenched forces of anti-Life. Nothing that ambitious had been
tried since the founding of the American Republic by Masonic adepts.


1. We believe in Uralten - the Original or Ancient One of Germanics as
representation of the creative/destructive force that permeates the cosmos,
the Entropy of physics.

2. Our creed is therefore based on the Laws of Nature, as revealed by science.

3. Feelings of oneness and attunement with Nature and the Cosmos as
manifestations of the Uralten-Force is "good". That which weakens is

4. Our morality is: that which strengthens the individual as a manifestation
of the Uralten-Force is "good". That which weakens is "evil".

5. We hold that Nature, and therefore history, is cyclic, governed by cycles
of life-death-renewal, and that these principle governs the rise and fall
of Civilizations. This is the ancient wisdom of the esoteric schools of
both East and West.

6. The cosmos operates on the basis of polarities, a doctrine common to the
ancient cosmologies of the Norse, Eastern Taoists, Pythagoreans and the
Hebrew Kabbalists, and that the interaction of these polarities causes

7. Man need not be a passive spectator or victim of the "gods" or "Fate", but
by understanding the laws of the cosmos can, through his will, be an active
agent in the evolutionary process.

8. Those attuned to the Uralten Force flowing through Nature have the essence
of the Force within, and are links in an evolutionary chain toward the
"Nietzschean Over-Man".

9. Man's destiny is to play amongst the stars; the destiny of his evolution
into the foreseeable future : Homo Galactica.

* * *