by Anton Long

(This article is an introduction to 'The Deofel Quintet' via The Order of Nine Angles released from the Archives of The European Library. It will serve as a basic guide as to the intent, content and structure of The Quintet (*1). The MSs, although available to members of the Federation and some other groups, are to be exclusively published (as both books and audio cassettes) for a wider audience by Arktion Press (*2) in sequence in 1995-96. Copyright of all ONA material has been entrusted to S.B.Cox. The ONA represents a genuine pagan tradition having its roots in the Hyperborean civilisation. All of its material is held in a Special Collection in T.E.L.

This article may be reproduced freely by anyone providing that full credits/details, copyright byline and additionally TEL contact address, and publication details are published with any such reproduction).

"The works collected under the title 'The Deofel Quartet' (*1) were written as Instructional Texts for members of a Black Magick group. As such, they deal with certain esoteric matters relevant to Novices and those who have begun to follow the path of Black Magick and Satanism.

While the form chosen is fictional, it is not of a 'conventional' novel. Instead a new vehicle was created with the aim of combining a fast (and thus entertaining) pace with a narrative style that only required the imaginative participation of the reader, but also sought to involve their unconscious. Thus, detailed descriptions - of, for instance, characters and locations - are for the most part omitted. It is left to the reader to supply such 'missing details': partly from their imagination and partly unconsciously, form their own expectations and 'projections'.

This form also had the added advantage of making the works interesting to listen to when read aloud in a group setting. This new form may be considered as an extended 'prose poem'.

While each work is self-contained in terms of 'plot' and 'characters', they all deal with the varying insights attained by those following the darker path to esoteric enlightenment, as well as with those practical [i.e. real-life] experiences which form the basis of genuine magickal training and which explicate real sinister magick in action.

Each work deals with (although not always exclusively) a certain type of magick/archetypal energy - and thus is connected with one of the spheres of the Septenary Tree of Wyrd. Thus, in the instructional sense, each work explicates particular archetypal forms as those forms affect individuals in real life. Naturally, quite a few of the forms so explicated are dark or sinister.

This is explicated in many ways including:
a) of how individuals and groups of individuals by other individuals and groups, be these magickians or not;
b) of how various individuals are affected by certain elemental/magickal forces and 'emotions', these forces etc being manifest in various guises- some directly magickal, some archetypal (as, for example, when a man is charmed and falls in love with a woman, he is apprehending that woman archetypally) and some aeonic.

The manipulation of the energies/forms and so on varies in the different MSs, as the aim or intent of such manipulation does- for example, sometimes it is for direct personal desire/gratification, sometimes it is due to unconscious factors, sometimes it is due to a desire (sinister and otherwise) to change/aid a particular individual or individuals.

However, just as important in each MS as this covert/overt form of magick is how and why individuals become changed via it in many and various situations. Thus, for example, sometimes change occurs because of personal involvement with others, sometimes through being influenced (either consciously or unconsciously) by magickal energy (which itself may be directed at that individual by another), sometimes through mediums like music (with perhaps some 'magickal' input from another), sometimes via personal confrontation with unconscious fears and/or insights.

All of these changes are presented in the various MSs from differing perspectives - and these perspectives are sometimes individual (directly personal) as they are sometimes magickal. The perspectives change- from MS to MS and sometimes within a single MS - and while the perspective may be 'sinister' it is also 'moral': that is seen from the viewpoint of an individual adhering to 'conventional morals/attitudes'. This diverse variation is intentional, since by it the reader is (or should be) able to objectify the action/changes/characters and thus understand the influences (magickal or otherwise) behind these, particularly with reference to the psyche. Thus understanding is aided by the fact that each MS is related to a particular septenary sphere and thus to some extent deals with the energy/magick/influences both unconscious and conscious of that sphere. However, as in real life and real magick, other influences (from other spheres) may sometimes intrude and complicate matters and the reader should be capable of understanding the interplay.

The understanding that results from a reading and study of the MSs (using the themes, questions etc revealed here *3 and in other notes) is part of the process of Initiate awareness.

This should assist those following the seven-fold way to arrive at essential understanding of their own psyche as well as that of others. Such understanding enables magick itself to be understood- and used effectively.

The Quartet consist of:
1. Falcifer: Lord of Darkness
2. The Temple of Satan (aka The Witch Queen)
3. The Giving
4. The Greyling Owl

The general purpose of the MSs is briefly explained in the 'introduction' which follows their title page. Specifically each deals with a form of energy and the means whereby they can be controlled as well as how those forms affect individuals, both consciously and unconsciously. In some of the works (for example 'Falcifer') the magick is obvious; in others, (for example 'The Greyling 'Owl') it is much less obvious, and for good reasons.

The best approach is to read each work in order of complexity starting with the least (esoterically) complicated. Thus, the reading sequence would be: Falcifer; The Giving; The Temple of Satan; The Greyling Owl. Further, this increasing complexity operates, in the individuals, on different levels. At first, all of them should be read merely for enjoyment (and the 'esoteric' information obvious on a first reading). A further reading should provoke questions and (hopefully) insights into esoteric matters in general and the reader's psyche in particular.

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Copyright S.Cox for Anton Long ------- Order of Nine Angles

*1: The Deofel Quintet is the original Quartet plus 'Breaking the Silence Down')
*2 All proceeds go to Jomsburg Foundation with a portion to TEL)
*3 These themes/questions together with a resum� of each Book of the Quintet will be published in the next issue of the Journal.

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