The Aims of the ONA

[from 'The Sinister Path - An introduction to Traditional Satanism']

The fundamental aims of the ONA are:

1) To increase the number of genuine Adepts, Masters/Lady Masters, by guiding individuals along the path to Adeptship and beyond.

2) To make the path to Adeptship and beyond [the 'Seven-Fold Sinister Way'] more widely available, enabling anyone, should they possess the necessary desire, to strive toward the ultimate goal.

3) To extend esoteric knowledge and techniques - i.e. to (a) creatively extend our esoteric knowledge and understanding and thus increase the consciousness of our species; (b) develop new techniques which make this new knowledge and understanding useful to those following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way; (c) implement this knowledge and understanding in a practical way, thus causing change(s) in society/societies. Areas of importance for the immediate future are: (i) musick; (ii) Art/images/'film' etc.; (iii) the creation of an 'esoteric' community; and (iv) the development and extension of an abstract symbolic language ('beyond the Star Game').

4) To implement sinister strategy - i.e. to presence the acausal (or 'the dark forces') via nexions and so change evolution. One immediate aim is to presence acausal energies in a particular way so creating a new aeon and then a new, higher, civilization from the energies unleashed.

In respect of (1). This will be a slow process, by virtue of the difficulty of the Way, and the desire of most of those interested in esoteric arts for an 'easy option'. It is anticipated that only about four or five new Adepts (at most) will emerge every decade (i.e. an average of one per year). Of these, only two per decade will probably make it to the stage of Master/Lady Master. These figures are unlikely to increase until the energies of the new aeon become more pronounced (around 2020 eh) - even then, the increase will be gradual. It will not be before 2070 (at the earliest) that there will be a significant increase.
This slow progression is natural and necessary - great numbers are not required in order for the more immediate covert aims (e.g. regarding sinister strategy) to be achieved.

In respect of (2). This will arise by itself provided the continuity of the Order is maintained.

In respect of (3). Since the Destiny of each ONA Adept is unique, these aims and others will be fulfilled by those Adepts striving for the next stage, that of Master/Lady Master. It should be remembered that Adepts - although they possess a knowledge and some understanding of Aeonics - are actually still swayed by aeonic forces: i.e. their Destiny achieves supra-personal aeonic aims. In effect, their Destiny is part of the wyrd of the civilization and thus the aeon to which they belong. A Master/Lady Master, by virtue of having reached that stage, can transcend this wyrd and implement their own.

In respect of (4). The fundamental immediate aim [c. 1990 eh - 2020 eh] here is to actively presence the energies of the next aeon and channel these, via various nexions, forms, structures, 'ideas' and so on, to create the next higher civilization. The former means accessing the acausal [in the simplistic term sense 'returning the Dark Gods' via various rites] and creating those forms/structures necessary to channel the energies so accessed. This will take several decades. [ Some structures/forms/ideas etc. have already - i.e. before 1994 eh - been created.] In conjunction with these things, there will be disruption of existing structures/ideas etc. by Masters/Adepts/novices.
Beyond this immediate aim [ i.e. beyond 2020 eh ] there is the nurturing of the new energies and the forms/structures etc. created to presence these. This will last several centuries - and during this time one of the tasks of the Order is to presence the acausal at regular intervals via certain rites at certain sites, thus ensuring the survival of those things imbued with such energies, one of which will be the new civilization and thus the societies it gives rise to.

Expressed simply, the aim of the ONA is to create a new species - to significantly change our evolution as a species. This will take time - many centuries, in fact. The Seven-Fold Way is a practical means whereby an individual, now, can develop and so become a part of this new species. The other activities which the Order pursues are directed toward changing present structures and creating a new civilization whereby this new species can be made real on a large scale: the societies of such a civilization aspiring to realize this goal in a practical way.
The ONA is not interested in transitory 'fame'/notoriety - and neither does it desire to attract large numbers of 'followers'. It is not in the business of competing with other 'Satanic' or 'Occult' groups because such groups are irrelevant, lacking any understanding of sinister strategy and incapable of really guiding their members toward and beyond a genuine Adeptship. Such groups usually represent the ego of one person, who surrounds him/her self with sycophantic followers, and/or they fumble about in diverse mumbo-jumbo lands, playing fantasy games, try to evoke long-dead archetypes and forms, and worship their petty, mostly bovine selves.
What the ONA desires to achieve is significant and worth-while - it is not transitory. The ONA does not depend on the whim of some self-appointed 'leader' as it does bleat about some fantasy-given "mandate" from some "higher authority". It does not peddle some spurious, continually updated theory nor offer religious answers to keep individuals in thrall. Neither does the ONA declare that its worth is based on some pretentious/legendary 'tradition'. The worth of the ONA lies in its aims and the practical methods it has created, and will create, to achieve those aims.

Membership of the ONA basically means an individual following the Seven Fold Way as explicated in the various Order MSS. Members should understand that they are thus part of an Order which has long-term aims - of centuries and more. By actively following and using the methods and rites of the Order they are actively aiding those aims.
The rites of the ONA - and the Seven-Fold Way itself - create and/or maintain those sinister energies which the ONA represents and has accessed. In effect, an individual, undertaking, for example, a rite from 'The Black Book of Satan', is aiding those sinister energies and thus the sinister dialectic. Such rites and the Way itself have been created to do this - that is, they directly presence the acausal.
Each member of the ONA is thus a nexion to the acausal - they are participating in, by their following of the Way and by the rites they undertake, the work of evolution: they are making their lives instruments for acausal change. Expressed simply, they are fulfilling the potential latent within them. They are positively contributing to evolution - they are using their lives to some purpose. Members of the ONA are doing and achieving - they are being significant and shaping future events. They are making history.
Compared to this, other groups are irrelevant.

ONA 1994 eh