Fascism arose as a revolt against the rationalism of the 18th and 19th centuries. The First World War struck at the depths of the psyche, and plunged the rationalist world view into disarray and a retreat that saw its grand vision of a "League of Nations" dashed.

The spread of occult societies during the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th centuries was likewise a response to the sterility of the rationalism and materialism.

It is not surprising then that the ground for Fascism was largely prepared by esoteric societies which arose in Europe. Among these were the New Templars of Von Liebenfels, the Runic order of Von List, and the German Order. The latter gave rise to the Thule Society, which was to establish the NSDAP as its political front.


It was Thule which provided the fledgling party with its own newspaper, the Volkische Beobachter, many of its officials, and the swastika flag designed by Thulist Dr Krohn.



Fascism reached to the Shadow of the European soul that had been repressed over a century of materialism, liberalism, rationalism and cosmopolitanism. It awakened the Berserker rage, the Spartan ethos, the martial spirit of the Roman Legions. It sought to bring balance back to a world that had been made lop-sided with the inversion of Nature, and of instinct by the Nazarene creed, and its Marxist and capitalist offshoots.

In German National Socialism, Carl Jung (founder of Analytical Psychology) saw the embodiment of the repressed "Shadow" of the German soul, which he named the Wotan archetype after the ancient Germanic god. Nazism and the fascist variants throughout Europe were a cathartic release from repression, a smashing of the very thin veneer of "civilization" that had held back the tribal, warrior ethos flowing through the veins of Europeans from the mists of creation, waiting to be reawakened and released.


Jung had written of such matters:

"We cannot possibly get beyond our present level of culture unless we receive a powerful impetus from our primitive roots. But we shall receive it only if we go back beyond our cultural level, thus giving the suppressed primitive man in ourselves a chance to develop. ... We need some new foundations. We must dig down to the primitive in us, for only out of the conflict between civilized man and the Germanic barbarian will there come what we need: a new experience of god."



Despite the phenomenon of Neo-Paganism (properly so called to distinguish it from Paganism per se), of wicca and New Age pacifist, cosmopolitan, internationalist creeds, there are today today a plethora of genuinely Pagan societies which remain true to the tribalist, warrior ethos of their ancestors. They are "Satanist" or "sinister" in that they recognise the dark, entropic force of Nature, the cyclic ebb and flow of history, and

the creative act of destruction.

These "sinister" esoteric societies proclaim the "Daemonic revolution", to usher in the New Order on the collapse of the Old; a New Order that will reawaken the Dark soul of man, that he might live as a totality with the Light and the Dark returned to balance. These esoteric societies recognize Fascism (whether called by that name of not) as the political expression of primal truths. They include The Black Order of Pan-Europa, Fraternity of Balder, Order of Nine Angles, Abraxas Foundation, Blood Axis...

All such groups are playing their part in the unfolding of Aeonic destiny and the approach of Ragnarok. Fenrir is about to be unleashed!