There is a spectre haunting Europe - the spectre of Fascism. All the powers of the Old Order have united in a holy alliance to exorcise that spectre at the behest of the self-appointed "world policeman", the USA.

The spectre takes many forms and many names, but wherever it arises it is a reawakening of those DARK FORCES of the European soul that have been repressed for 50 years by the victors of World War II: Zionism and plutocracy (both run from New York) continue to spew their cultural filth over the world for maximum profits.

Now the youth of Europe - and their brothers and sisters around the world - are awakening. They are throwing off the yoke of alien consumerism and religion and are again standing proud.


They are forming movements that look to the past as a guide to the future, for only one's true heritage clears the way through the pseudo-cultural filth that is being excreted from the bowels of New York boardrooms.

Zhirinovsky's victories in Russia have the plutocrats and Zionists in a flap, and their kept news media demonize him. Among his most avid supporters are the youth who follow the "metal" genre of music.

In Italy the neo-Fascists have Cabinet positions for the first time since the War. Among the neo-Fascists of Parliament is the beautiful granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, Alessandra.

German Youth are at last throwing off the IMPOSED guilt complex of the War and are finding pride in the heroism of their fathers and grandfathers, who they�ve been taught to despise by the Old Order.



One of the most important factors in the battle for the soul of Europe is that of music. The metal, skin and industrial genres all playing significant roles. To quote from some of these sources:


"The foundation and support for the national spirit must be found within youth. Tradition is the only worthy cause for which people should die and nations survive.

"The creative ability of the artist identifies with the national spirit. Every artist comes from the depths of his nation, from the dark, subterranean workshop of the national psyche..."

"If America is the foremost nation of today, then history has come to a full stop. If this is the future, then it doesn't work."



"...The politicians and the intelligentsia... tend to be so bloody internationalist and forsake the fact that people are different from one end of the world to the other... I�m prepared to fight any kind of war under the runes, for my father's Gods. Because there are certain values from those times worth fighting for..."



"The Church has imposed her ideas by slaughter, and has damaged irreparably the European culture in the name of the Lord."



"Without a return to value that are spiritual, to values that are Magical, that have their roots in the natural world, Europe is doomed...

"In many ways liberalism is Christianity without Christ, the values of Equality and weakness, the idea that man is apart from nature. Pagan man had no concept of sin but he did have a concept of honour..."




The religious prop of the Old Order has been Judaeo-Christianity, an alien dogma of weakness and universalism which has rotted the soul of Europe for a thousand years.

Whenever a civilization has grown weak and sick, an uncorrupted, healthy barbarian horde has swept down to cleanse the world of the sickness, so that a youthful, healthy, new culture can take its place.

The West has entered its Cycle of Death. "That which is falling should be pushed." (Nietzsche). An Iron Youth is arising, forming a new barbarian horde to destroy the old, stagnant, sickly, corrupt world, so that a New Order can arise. Communism was overthrown overnight, when its strong façade could no longer hide its deep weakness. Now let the revolution be completed and the American cultural excrement and its materialism and "New World Order" be smashed under an iron heel.

No longer are youth looking to the pale Galilean impotently hanging on a cross, or to the fables and foibles of a nomadic desert tribe, for its spiritual values; They are looking to THEIR OWN heritage... that of ancient Rome and Greece, of the Vikings, the pan-European legions of World War II...

It is this heritage and vision of a New Aeon with which The Black

Order worlds. Join US!