Thinking of using a stolen credit card in our store? Read this first!!

In the last eight months, we have successfully prosecuted 12 people for using stolen credit cards in our online store. This number also includes individuals who have used their parent's credit cards without their knowledge or authorization. This is no joke and is a very serious crime.

What happens when you purchase items using a credit card that does not belong to you? We receive a "chargeback request" from our bank when the original card holder orders a dispute. Think you are cheating Visa or Mastercard? Or maybe the original card holder? Not so. It is us who are forced to reimburse the card holder, as well as lose out on the merchandise we've shipped. You better believe we will go after you full force.

If you have used a stolen credit card to purchase items from our store, and think you've gotten away with it, don't fool yourself. That just means it's in the process. You can expect a knock on your door by a police officer. This is not only for customers in the United States. We are currently filing charges to prosecute individuals in Singapore, Russia, and Romania.

Still want to use a stolen credit card in our store? Don't be stupid. Remember that in order for you to receive the merchandise you ordered, you have to give us your address. Once we have your address, you're as good as convicted.

Because of this ongoing problem with dumb ass kids using credit cards that don't belong to them, we will no longer accept credit card orders for the following countries:

If you live in one of these countries, and would like to place an order, you may still order using a postal order. You can find instructions here.